When looking where to study abroad, Spain should be at the top of everybody’s list. Everything from the language, history, culture, and people make it one of the most visited countries in all of Europe. In this article we will discuss some of these elements, answering the question, “Why Spain?”.

  • To start, the Spanish language is something that cannot be overlooked. With the second highest number of native speakers, only behind Chinese Mandarin, it can be found in several countries around the world. Furthermore, it is the third most studied language in the world. Coming to Spain, you will experience and learn the Spanish language where it all started, giving you an incredible knowledge of one of the most utilized languages in the world.
  • Moving on to the Spanish culture, everything from the daily routine, gastronomy, customs, and traditions will surely amaze you. From a lunch and dinner time a little bit later than one might expect to delicious tapas in a bar, this country offers something unique. Reflecting on history, the extensive mixture of Moorish and Spanish culture is possibly the most intriguing in the world. With food so good that you’ll be writing down recipes to take back home with you, Spanish culture will definitely make its mark on you throughout your stay.
  • However, the most appealing part of Spain is without a doubt its people. As some of the most friendly and open people in Europe, they are always excited to welcome foreigners. Whether in their homes, in a terraza, in a language exchange, or simply in a coincidental encounter, the people of Spain will always make you feel at home. Willing to share their customs and culture, you will learn just as much from the Spanish people as you do your classroom, if not more.

In conclusion, anyone considering a study abroad experience should look into Spain. The combination of its language, culture, and people make it a great place to study abroad. Students who study here are impacted in a very positive way and return to their home countries with a desire to visit once again.


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