For those who have not travelled to a foreign country before, the arrival can sometimes be quite intimidating. You will be in a new city with an unfamiliar culture. It is also possible that there will be a language gap. For these reasons, there are a couple of important things we recommend in order to ease this transition.


  • To start, you should have the address and phone number of your native country’s embassy or consulate in Spain. They may be able to provide assistance in a variety of circumstances. Additionally, you should have the address and phone number of your Spanish school. Their staff may offer assistance with airport arrival and transportation to your accommodation, if it was arranged through the school. Lastly, whether you are living with a host family or in a shared student apartment, it is best to reach out to your future roommates. It will certainly make the first in-person encounter much easier and more relaxing. Furthermore, you can start making plans before you even arrive. Related to these steps as well, it is important to keep Spanish agencies in mind. If you would like more personalized help regarding this information, it may be beneficial for you to contact an agency.


  • As mentioned earlier, there will also be a language gap if you have not studied Spanish in the past. Therefore, we highly recommend learning at least a beginners level of Spanish before arriving. This will help you communicate at least in common situations and activities such as ordering food and drinks, going to the supermarket, or asking for directions. In addition, this will help in more critical situations as well, such as going to the doctor, for example. With this in mind, we would recommend taking Spanish courses online before arriving.


  • Finally, something else that we would recommend to a student is that he or she researches Spanish culture. An understanding of the culture before arriving can ease the impact of the initial cultural shock and make your transition to life in Spain much more enjoyable. Furthermore, this understanding of the Spanish culture will facilitate you meeting other Spanish natives, as they are always very appreciative and open to people who make an effort to embrace their way of life.


In summation, in preparation for your study abroad experience, you should locate essential services, put yourself in contact with people you will be living with, learn some basic Spanish, and familiarize yourself with the culture. These things will give you a significant head start on your study abroad experience and allow you to adapt in a much easier fashion.

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