Why Study Abroad?


In our first article, we are going to answer this common question. Why study abroad? As a team full of people who have lived a study abroad experience, we are here to discuss the multiple personal and professional benefits of studying abroad. 

To start, we will discuss personal benefits. While studying abroad, you will personally grow in a variety of ways. Primarily, you will learn and experience a new language and culture. Amongst this culture, you will encounter new gastronomy, customs, and values. Without a doubt, this international knowledge will make you a more well-rounded person, improving your self-confidence, making you more self-sufficient, and giving you strong communication skills. In addition, you will establish long lasting, international relationships with people from your host country. Finally, you will be able to travel and see special elements of history and culture that cannot be seen anywhere else. With a new global mentality and appreciation, you will certainly become a more unique person. 

Regarding professional benefits, an experience studying and living abroad gives a tremendous advantage when applying for a job. Merely the fact of going to a foreign country for a prolonged period of time shows that you are willing to take risks, that you are willing to go outside of your comfort zone for self-improvement. This demonstrated interest in self-improvement in of itself is very attractive to employers. It shows a commitment and motivation to never stop learning and growing as a person. These traits combined with your knowledge of a foreign language and culture will set you apart from other candidates with otherwise similar backgrounds. 

In summary, living and studying abroad provides several benefits. From self-discovery, personal and professional growth, travel, exposure to new customs, and knowledge of a new language, people who study and live abroad return home a different person. They return home more knowledgeable, appreciative, understanding, and unique. 

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